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miércoles, 1 de mayo de 2013

Someplace In The Infinity - by Marcelo Salvatierra

A place where no one can find us,
with a sound sleeping my ears,
I can't see nothing,
but I can listen,
just listen,
I can see the past.
I can see a child,
a child waiting for his friend,
a friend, that right now, is unknown.

I don't want silence,
I want this sound in my brain.
I feel more louder,
and more,
and more,
please, someone,
bring my past to me.

My brain sleeps,
my ears active,
just I want lost things.

My heart beating,
my mouth screaming,
I want to do things right.

Dear listener or reader,
could you understand me?
I want a lot of things,
and the sound is dissapearing,
there's a lot of things in the infinity,
and nothing here.
What we have to do...

A contribution by Marcelo Salvatierra...thank you for sharing!
Photo by Carlos Hernández

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