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domingo, 7 de octubre de 2012

多语者 - por/by David Lethei

多语者                                                      Multi-speaker                                   

我们的语言不代表                                 We do not represent the language
全人类的语言,                                         language of all mankind
我们但愿能是这如此,                            hopefully this could be the case
但愿能是这样,                                         hopefully
我们但愿                                                   let us hope
如此                                                            so

我们的歌唱不代表整个地球,               Our singing does not mean that the entire planet   
我们但愿能是这样,                                 but we hopefully so
但愿如此,                                                  hope so

我们的眼泪不代表所有的孩子的,   Our tears does not mean that all children
所有母亲和父亲的。                             all mothers and fathers

我们但愿,                                                 but let us hope so
共享一段诗歌,                                     share some poetry
一幅象形图,                                         a pictogram
一个亲吻, 一个徽章,                             a kiss, a badge
上帝的语言                                             the language of God

但愿我们是个多语者,                           Hopefully could be all multilingual
这样我们就可以分享灵魂的语言,     so that we can share the language of the soul
天堂的语言,                                            the language of heaven
我们但愿                                                 let us hope
可以如此。                                             can be so.

(incluído en / included in "Namaste" -poemario / poems)
original version in spanish, translated to chinese by Vanessa Zhong

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