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viernes, 12 de julio de 2013

The Lonely Stations - by David Lethei


The lonely stations
are devoted women
waiting in the middle of the fields
with a done supper.
The lonely stations
that for their lovers still holds
with the same love and the patience
that water to the dry land restores.
Their elderly bodies
full with nostalgia of beautiful ages
when pleased they received
to the upcoming and always going crowds,
when they cleaned the foreheads
of the exhausted trains
and moisturized their borders
and polished their wheels.
The lonely stations
are lonely women
that remained beholding
while is all gone
that restrained their tears
to remain excels
and became bastions
of the glory of the past.
The lonely stations
those that for always have waited
await and shall wait
abandoned by the railway
with that taste on their mouths.
The lonely stations
are cracked women
torn by the sun
and by the unstoppable passing of time
silenced by the night
stared by the moon
full of spider webs, holes and memories
of pristine child smiles.
The lonely stations
neither name now they have
only past times
are their taciturn selves,
only muteness
only melancholia
even hope leaves them
neither death visits them.

(incluído en / included in "...después de ahora..." -poemario / poems)
Photo by Carlos  Hernández 

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